IT and Computer Cost Calculator

Calculate your businesses startup and ongoing IT costs. There are many variables to consider when developing the ideal IT infrastructure for your business. All aspects of hardware, software, and ongoing costs should be taken into consideration. Below you will be asked a few simple questions which will assist with estimating costs. The costs provided are estimates only and encompass a general technical infrastructure setup. IT costs can vary for many reasons but the items noted are things to keep in mind. Always consult a professional IT consultant before implementing your IT infrastructure and budget everything out accordingly. Hire professionals to perform the IT implementation and arrange for an ongiong maintenance contract.

Answer the questions below to calculate IT costs:

How many employees do you plan on having?
Is your business operated in a traditional office setting?
Do you require custom built applications?

Building a solid technical infrastructure is not cheap, but is critical to the success of your business. Purchasing the right components for the right cost is key to making your office run smoothly. The goal is to have as few of problems as possible. There are some optional software purchases you may want to make for an additional cost. Such as antivirus or anti spyware software. These are also importan items for keeping your IT costs low because they help to prevent costly downtime which can cost your business money.

Some of the expenses noted may not be applicable or may choose to add or omit items. Costs continually change in the field of IT and computers.

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