Centos 7 list all services

In order to list all services on your system in Centos 7 you can use the following command

systemctl -at service

abrt-ccpp.service loaded active exited Install ABRT coredump hook
abrt-oops.service loaded active running ABRT kernel log watcher
abrt-vmcore.service loaded inactive dead Harvest vmcores for ABRT
abrt-xorg.service loaded active running ABRT Xorg log watcher
abrtd.service loaded active running ABRT Automated Bug Reporting Tool
accounts-daemon.service loaded active running Accounts Service
alsa-restore.service loaded inactive dead Restore Sound Card State
alsa-state.service loaded active running Manage Sound Card State (restore and store)
alsa-store.service loaded inactive dead Store Sound Card State
apparmor.service not-found inactive dead apparmor.service
atd.service loaded active running Job spooling tools
auditd.service loaded active running Security Auditing Service
avahi-daemon.service loaded active running Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Stack
brandbot.service loaded inactive dead Flexible Branding Service
chronyd.service loaded active running NTP client/server
colord.service loaded active running Manage, Install and Generate Color Profiles
cpupower.service loaded inactive dead Configure CPU power related settings

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