Installing OpenShift Client (oc) on Linux

Download the OpenShift client source, can be found here:

Then untar the file

[root@fedora ~]# tar -xzvf oc.tar.gz

Then add the executables to your path

[root@fedora ~]# which oc

You can verify the OC functionality as follows

[root@fedora ~]# oc
OpenShift Client

This client helps you develop, build, deploy, and run your applications on any
OpenShift or Kubernetes cluster. It also includes the administrative
commands for managing a cluster under the 'adm' subcommand.

To familiarize yourself with OpenShift, login to your cluster and try creating a sample application:

    oc login
    oc new-project my-example
    oc new-app django-psql-example
    oc logs -f bc/django-psql-example

To see what has been created, run:

    oc status

and get a command shell inside one of the created containers with:

    oc rsh dc/postgresql

To see the list of available toolchains for building applications, run:

    oc new-app -L

Since OpenShift runs on top of Kubernetes, your favorite kubectl commands are also present in oc,
allowing you to quickly switch between development and debugging. You can also run kubectl directly
against any OpenShift cluster using the kubeconfig file created by 'oc login'.

For more on OpenShift, see the documentation at

To see the full list of commands supported, run 'oc --help'.