Local Cloud Storage with CloudFUSE

The cloud has a great deal to offer in terms of storage. But some often wonder how to interact with it. There are several methods to interact with cloud storage, but what people often want is a local solution. In comes CloudFUSE. CloudFUSE should work with Swift based cloud solutions and can present the remote storage as local cloud storage. This is useful if one wants to be able to interact with the system without having to write any specific API commands or come up with another interaction mechanism. Using CloudFUSE is very convenient.

To install CloudFUSE one will need to install the source. It can be downloaded here: http://redbo.github.com/cloudfuse/

Then write a .cloudfuse configuration file containing your cloud info perform a mount command to mount the filesystem.

More detailed instructions can be found here: https://github.com/redbo/cloudfuse

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