Get MMORPG on Linux

The number of MMORPGs that are available on linux is growing in number recently due to the release of ubuntu linux. Ubuntu linux makes a fantastic desktop distribution and also has a lot of benefits for playing MMORPG. This is in part due to the optimized computation algorithms that exist in linux and not windows. As well as more efficient video drivers. In particular, the NVIDIA linux drivers. A high end nvidia card with the linux drivers makes for a fantastic MMORPG computer.

Some popular MMORPG games for linux are:

1) World of Warcraft. using wine. Although not officially supported.
2) Starcraft II, using Wine. Although not officially supported.
3) EvE Online
4) Darkwind: War on Wheels
5) Blob Wars

As ubuntu gains in popularity, hopefully more high quality MMORPG will be released.

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