Using ipmitool to find sensor information

IPMItool is a fantastic tool to know.  It provides a generic framework for querying or controlling a system.  Your computer motherboard must support the IPMI functionality in order to work, but most computer motherboards these days come with this functionality.  Linux provides an easy way to query this information via the ipmitool that can be installed locally on the system.

First we will need to install ipmitool

[root@localhost ~]# yum install ipmitool

Now you will be able to execute IPMItool to find the sensor readings required.  IPMItool provides a few commands for this.  One a good summary, the other far more extensive.

[root@localhost ~]# ipmitool sensor

You can also specify a host using the “-H” parameter.

For detailed information you can execute

[root@localhost ~]# ipmitool sdr

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