Importing a ZFS pool in Solaris

ZFS has many handy features for manipulation zpools.  One of which is importing zpools.  This comes particularly handy when you need to reinstall or upgrade your operating system.

First we perform a scan of what zfs pools are available to import

zpool import

This will display a listing of pools available for import and their status.  It will often output a listing of other useful information as well.  The zpool import feature will inform you that the ID of the pool belongs to a different system.   This makes sense.  The zpool DID belong to a different system.  No worries though, zfs provides some options for letting us import the pool anyhow, zpool import -f.

One can perform a forced import of the pool

zpool import -f <pool>

After performing this command the pool will now be available for use.  It is also a good idea to upgrade the zfs pool version by doing the following

zpool upgrade <pool>

This will bring the zpool up to the most recent version, which will provide any new features to you.

With ZFS, managing storage pools becomes a piece of cake.  And we love cake.

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