Upgrade Ubuntu 10 to Ubuntu 11

The Ubuntu operating system makes fantastic use of the latest features and abilities. One of the ways it is able to establish this is through effective package management. Including providing a robust repository of various packages, and implementing an easy to way to integrate them into your system. One of these features includes seamless upgrades to the operating system.

If you are running Ubuntu 10 and you want to upgrade to Ubuntu 11 without re-installing then you can use the following command:

do-release-upgrade -d

This will upgrade your distribution accordingly. Be sure to reboot the operating system after the upgrade for it to load the updated kernel.

Ubuntu has great package manager and upgrading options that make it easy to perform tasks such as this. Keeping up to date with the latest packages and upgrades is recommended, since it helps to address numerous bugs and security concerns. If you would like to install other Ubuntu packages, but not upgrade the entire system, the “apt-get” tool can be used. Bellow is an example as to how to install a particular package using page get:

apt-get install <package>

Through the use of do-release-upgrade and apt-get, one can easily add/remove/upgrade packages.

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