Force remove a hidden file in windows

In Windows it can be difficult to remove hidden files. Even in windows explorer you may often have trouble for various reasons. To forcibly remove a hidden file the best thing to use is the windows command line. To access the command line interface click “Start” then “Run”. Next type in “cmd”.

This will open the command line interface. Change directory to the file where the file you want to remove exists. Run the following command to see hidden files

dir /a:h

This will provide a listing of all hidden file in the current directory you are in. Once you find the hidden file or directory you want to delete you can use the del command with the following parameters.

del /a:h /S /F directory_to_remove

This will remove a directory or file with the hidden attribute /a:h, and all subdirectories /S, and forcibly /F.

At this point the item will be removed. Unless some task is holding the file open. If you need to kill a process you may use the task manager to kill the processes.

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