Tips for using the Amazon Cloud

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when using the amazon cloud:

1) Try to utilize Elastic Block Storage (EBS) when possible. It allows you far more flexibility, reliability, and backup of your data via snapshots. It also generally provides a cost savings. It is even possible to enable termination protection on your host so that it is not unintentionally removed.

2) Be careful of network bandwidth. While bandwidth is usually good in the cloud, getting data to the cloud is a challenge. Transfer rates can be slow. Larger files may need to be sent to the cloud via multiple tcp connections.

3) Make snapshots of your data.

4) Try to rely on Amazon’s firewall for your host as opposed to implementing your own host based firewall. You may find that modifying it yourself may result in a incorrect modification that locks you out. Recovering from this can be difficult since there is no physical console to log into.

Keeping these things in mind can make your transition to amazon much easier.

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