Solaris NFS mount using TCP

On occasion it may be useful to mount an NFS share via TCP. Typically when there are some interface differences such as speed, configuration etc. Having MTU mismatches can cause some issues. Using TCP as a transport protocol can remedy poor UDP reconciliation. To mount NFS over TCP in solaris you can use teh following command:

mount -F nfs -o proto=tcp /mnt/share

The -o will specify mount options, and proto=tcp will set it to use tcp.

It is also useful sometimes to mount via NFS version 3, so that there won’t be any ownership issues such as “nobody” for user and group id’s. Here is an example of how to mount via tcp using nfs version 3

mount -F nfs -o vers=3,proto=tcp /mnt/share

It is simply an additional option we add onto our mount command.

Mounting NFS via solaris using tcp can help perform performance, and make the connectivity more resilient.

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